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Step-by-step guide

  1. Create a Dummy sprint (with start date and end date)
  2. put a single "bogus" issue in the new sprint
  3. Edit the issue's sprint field "edit screen" (where I display the Greenhopper Sprint Field) for the bogus issue
  4. Update the value from the Greenhopper Sprint Field (its a serial number)
  5. search for all the issues in the closed sprint (based on the Greenhopper Sprint Field)
  6. Perform a bulk change on the returned issues, updating the Greenhopper Sprint Field from their current ID(the old sprint ID), to the ID of the new sprint
  7. remove the bogus issue you added to the new sprint (whose purpose was to provide me with the new sprint ID)
  8. rename the new sprint to match the old one.
  9. update every filter which references the sprint ID






1 Comment

  1. Moiz Shaikh

    Please update the database approach for updating sprint id