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Currently all users are able to see other projects which they not a member of the project,



Verify the Project permission scheme,
  1. Go to project -> Administration -> Permission scheme
  2. Check For Browse project permission under project permissions,
  3. If there are roles assigned for this permission then check for role content,
  4. if there are Groups assigned this permission , then check which groups are assigned this permission,
  5. If the role contains a group as "jira-users" then remove this group from respective role,
  6. if group jira-users is assigned this permission ,then remove this group (jira-users) from permission scheme,
  7. you will have to check and update for all projects those are affecting,
  8. Peoples those can have access to particular project can be added in project role Users and accordingly we will need to update permission scheme, in short we would have to add role as Users in browse project permission
  9. Unless all permissions schemes as well as all projects roles are update all user will have access to other projects,

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