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1Cautions needs to be taken while Fresh JIRA Installation
  1. Check OS (Linux/Window & 32/64-bit)
  2. Check JAVA version. (Avoid Java 1.8.0_25, 1.8.0_31, 1.7.0_25 and 1.7.0_45. There is a known issue with these versions, so we don't recommend running JIRA on these versions.)
  3. Check any Antivirus / Firewall exists or not. (Which needs to be turned off while installation)
  4. Check database server & need following within database.
    1. User(role) named as "jira" with encrypted password as "jira" with SUPERUSER, CREATEDB permissions also infinite validity.
    2. Database named as "jiradb" with ENCODING 'UTF8' owner ="jira" & CONNECTION LIMIT will be -1.
  5. Check for Supported Platforms here.
  6. Download & install JIRA here.
Jayesh Baviskar

JIRA accessibility Issue

Browser showing such error -

Unable to connect

can't establish a connection to the server

The site could be temporarily unavailable or too busy. Try again in a few moments. (Server shutdown , Unable to ping / reach)

If you are unable to load any pages, check your computer's network connection. (On JIRA server try for localhost:[port number], like localhost:8080)

If your computer or network is protected by a firewall or proxy, make sure that browser is permitted to access the Web. (Turn Off firewall/antivirus)

Jayesh Baviskar
3 JIRA Crashes Due to 'OutOfMemoryError
  1. Choose cog Icon >System. Select Troubleshooting and Support > System Info to open the System Info page. Then scroll down the page to view the Java VM Memory Statistics section and look at the memory graph during times of peak usage.
  2. Determine available system memory.
  3. Increase Available Memory by this.
Jayesh Baviskar
4Listen /Understand to the problem carefully Mahesh Karad
5Give timelines but do not over commit, Mahesh Karad
6Ask general questionsLike severity of the problemMahesh Karad
7Understand the problem and ask client to send the screenshots and log files Sachin Dhamale
8analyze the log file,search wiki or google the occuring error,Sachin Dhamale
9try different solutions mentioned in the knowledge base, Sachin Dhamale
10If you don't get the solution then raise a ticket on OR Sachin Dhamale
11if error is related to OSGI cache , then clear the caches and restart JIRA Sachin Dhamale
12ask the customer about strength of the errorAlso ask if the user has made any changes in the previous setup before the error occurred,for example changes related to database , configuration changes, UI changes, custom field changes,Sachin Dhamale
13Troubleshooting of Atlassian product.
  1. Ask the end user the procedure that he followed & what error he is getting.
  2. Check whether a single user is affected or all user are affected by the error.
  3. Open the log file and try to recreate the error.
  4. select the error message or error Id and search for the same on Atlassian Knowledge base.
  5. Once you find the solution for the error please inform the user for the same and prier to applying the solution check what are the risk involved in the solution and accordingly take backup of file, database, .vm file & so on.
Satyendra Narwane




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