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  • Single day - Training format and structure for Vanilla Jira (first time )users
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Suggested training batchesBatch 110am-1pm 
Batch22pm – 5pm 
Open house /floor<participants>5:30pm-6:30pm 
Session breakdownThemeTopicsTarget Audience
First hourJira ConceptsIntroduction to JiraProject manager, users
Project and its attributes:-Project manager, users
ComponentsProject manager, users
Releases/VersionsProject manager, users
WorkflowsProject manager, users
PermissionsProject manager, users
RolesProject manager, users
NotificationsProject manager, users
Second hourJira usage patternsIssues- create, edit and searchProject manager, users
Filters using JQL(basis and advanced)Project manager, users
Dashboards -gadgets and utilizationProject manager, users
Workflow operations /Working with an issueProject manager, users
Agile modelProject manager, users
Backlog, SprintsProject manager, users
Task updates and time trackingProject manager, users
Third hourAdvanced usage of JiraAgile reportsProject manager, users
Issue move, clone, linksProject manager
Bulk edits, updatesProject manager
Time Tracking and project mgmt basicsProject manager
JQL advanced patterns & reportsProject manager
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