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 JIRA fundamentals 
9 AM to 11AM• Product introduction5
• Applications, uses and examples10
• JIRA core concepts10
• Issue creation15
• Workflow walk-through10
• Project setup - category 10
• Components and versions10
• Tracking issues : history , searching 10
• Filters and subscriptions10
• Using JIRA effectively: short cuts, tips & tricks10
• Setting up dashboards10
• Format10
• What is new in JIRA 7 (Core / Software / Service Desk)5
Tea Break
11:15 to 1:00JIRA Reporting and JQL 
• Introduction to JQL5
• Basic JQL syntax15
• Browser shortcuts for JQL searching5
• JQL querying by example15
• Project reports15
• Interpreting reports15
• Using charts to visualize data10
• Gadgets for reporting10
• Excel analysis10
• Discussion with instructor5
2 PM to 4 PMBasic workflow concepts 
• Example workflows in real life: support, development , generic PM, ITIL, Agile20
• JIRA default workflow5
• Capturing and presenting your Data: screens , tabs 15
• Issue resolution10
• Custom fields20
• Mandatory fields10
• Configuring workflows40
• Step by step workflow configuration example
• Transitions, conditions and post functions
Tea Break
4:15 PM to 6:00 PM• JIRA extensions : misc WF ,  Script runner, Behaviours, Suite Utility40
• Workflow tutorial30
• Common workflow configuration mistakes20
• Discussion with instructor15

JIRA + Agile

 JIRA Administrators                                                                                                                                                                           
9 Am to 11am• General administration (links, attachments, etc)10
• Advanced user and group management20
• Working with project roles15
• Security model: permission scheme , Global permissions15
• Types of administrators10
• Issue level security20
• Issue type schemes : all schemes30
Tea Break
11:15 AM to 1: 00PM• Email integration with JIRA: Incoming, Outgoing20
• Managing your installation and upgrading JIRA:40
Back up, Upgrade , Support zip, DB monitor , Integrity checker , Re-index, 
• Enhancing the user experience, look & feel, 15
• Adding new JIRA extensions20
• Discussion with instructor15
2:00 PM to 4:00PMJIRA Software (JIRA Agile) 
JIRA Software Introduction What is JIRA Agile? 10
general concepts10
JIRA Software vs JIRA Core10
JIRA Software navigation, project setup and JIRA Software configuration basics15
Manage stories/issues, search for data, and create filters10
Populate, rank, and estimate a backlog Plan, create, and monitor sprints15
Create and use JIRA Software boards to manage work15
Customize the look-and-feel of your boards10
Manage multiple teams and projects using boards15
Discussion with Instructor10
Tea Break
4:15 PM to 6:15PMPlanning Board : How to plan your sprints with JIRA Software20
Issue creation and using the Planning Board15
Task Board : Viewing an ongoing sprint15
Using the task board to update issues10
Understanding Chart Board : Burn-down Chart, Cumulative Flow Chart , Updating issues impacts the charts20
JIRA Software Advanced Functions15
Discussion with instructor15

JIRA Service Desk


Getting started with JIRA Service Desk


JIRA Service Desk overview( Getting started )


Request vs. issue


JIRA Service Desk roles(Admin, Agent)


Getting started for service desk agents


Navigate your workspace


Using service desk queues


Working with issues


Searching for issues


Configuring dashboards


Organizing work with components


Setting up service desk reports


Capture knowledge


Getting started for service desk admins


A quick look at JIRA Service Desk( Queues, Reports, Project administration, Customer portal )


Setting up your service desk


Creating service desk request types


Making queues for your service desk teams


Adding service desk agents


Customize your service desk channels


Bring your service desk to the next level


Introduce customers to your service desk


Organizing work with versions


Administering service desk projects


Automating your service desk


Configuring the customer portal


Configuring service desk notifications


Managing access to your service desk


Receiving requests by email


Setting up queues for your team


Setting up request types


Setting up service desk users


Setting up SLAs

 JIRA Service Desk best practices 
 Collecting customer satisfaction (CSAT) feedback 


 Confluence fundamentals 
9 AM to 11AM• Product introduction5
• Applications, uses and examples : tech document, KM, MIS; JIRA Integration, Social networking; blogs15
• Confluence core concepts : space private & global profile10
• Creating content in Confluence , Page update edit 30
• XHTML Based editor + usage of Macros - 60
Tea Break
11:15 Am to 1:00 Pm• Page restrictions 15
• Space and page management 15
• Using Confluence effectively - Shortcuts - Create page from document- drag an drop. Categories 15
• Tracking information ; History , search Restore from thrash 10
•  notifications mentions,5
Copy space 15
• Confluence extensions - team cal -  Gliffy 4 , checkin check out 30
 Confluence Administrators  
2 PM to 4 PM• Product review and basic concepts 5
• User management 20
• Security model HTML Spam prevention, Subscription15
• Types of administrators 15
• General administration (attachments, etc) 30
• Customizing the look and feel + refine30
Tea Break
4:15 PM to 6:00 PM• Configuring templates 45
• Plugin installation and configuration 10
• Backups 10
• Managing your installation and upgrading Confluence10
• Improving cache performance 20
• Confluence extensions : Workflow - Spacetree  4 30

Bitbucket and Bamboo

9 Am to 11am• Product introduction                                                                                                                                                                         10
• Applications, uses and examples : tech document, KM10
• Bitbucket server and Git core concepts : create project,repository, pull request30
• Controlling access to code:using project,repository and branch permission20
• Work-flow strategies in Bitbucket server:20
    1.Using Branch in Bitbucket server
    2.Using Fork in Bitbucket server
• Using Pull request in Bitbucket server20
Tea Break
11:15 AM to 01:15 PM Administering Bitbucket server                                                                                                                                                                         
• Users and Groups10
• External user directories10
• Global permissions15
• Connect Bitbucket server to external database10
• Migrating Bitbucket server to another server20
• Setting up mail server10
• Audit Logging in Bitbucket server10
• JIRA Integration20
02:00 PM to 04:00 PMBamboo fundamentals                                                                                                                                                                       
• Product introduction5
• Applications, uses and examples : tech document, KM, MIS10
• Understanding Bamboo10
• Configuring Plan10
• Linking to Source Code repository10
• Triggering builds10
• Using stages in plan10
• Jobs and task10
• Sharing artifacts10
• Working with build10
• Deployment projects10
• Bamboo permissions10
• JIRA Integration10
Tea Break
04:15 PM to 06:15 PMAdministering Bamboo 
• System settings15
• Agent and capabilities20
• Working with elastic bamboo20
• Users and permissions20
• Connecting to external server20
• Data and backups20

FishEye and Crucible

 9 AM to 11AMFishEye fundamentals                                                                                                                                                                        
• Product introduction10
• Using Fisheye30
1.screens commit
• Integrating fisheye with atlassian applications15
• Transition issue in JIRA20
• Work-flow strategies in stash:30
    1.Using Branch in stash
    2.Using Fork in stash
Tea Break
11:15 AM to 01:15 PMAdministering FishEye 
• Managing repositories20
• Users and Group20
• Configure external authentication20
• Managing add-ons10
• Migrating to external database20
• Backing up restoring FishEye data20
2 PM to 4:00 PMCrucible fundamentals                                                                                                                                                                      
• Product introduction5
• Using Crucible 
    1.Crucible screens15
    2.Crucible work-flow15
    3.Creating review15
    4.Managing your reviews15
• Integrating fisheye with atlassian applications20
•Transition issue in JIRA20
Tea Break
4:15 PM to 6:15 PMAdministering Crucible 
• Managing repositories20
• Setting up user and security20
• Permissions20
• Customizing crucible20
• Migrating to external database,Backing up restoring FishEye data20
• Managing add-ons10


9:00 AM to 11:00 AMProduct introduction                                                                                                                                                                       5
 Language & Tool Support15
 Programming Languages15
 IDEs, setup for 1 20
 Build Automation 20
 Reporting 20    
Tea Break
11:15 AM to 2:00 PMVersus previous builds10
 Execution Options 10
 Configuration Options 15
 Coverage gadget in JIRA & Confluence20
 Per Build Reports20
 Per Test Reports20
 Trend Reports20
 Coverage over time20


 9 AM to 11AMProduct Introduction5
  • Using Bitbucket
      1.Create Repository10
      2.Import code from existing project10
      3.Clone Your Git Repo and Add Source Files10
      4.Fork a Repo, Compare Code, and Create a Pull Request20
      5.Add Users, Set Permissions, and Review Account Plans20
      6.Set up a Wiki and an Issue Tracker10

     7.Set up SSH for Git

      8.Sourcetree Git GUI10
                                                                                                                     Tea Break
11:40 AM to 2:00 PM
  • BitBucket Teams

      1.Create a team

       2.Add a user to a team5
       3.Managing team user groups5
       4.Creating and managing team repositories5
  • Administer a repository
       1.Repository privacy, permissions, and more10
       2.Grant users and groups access10
       3.Change or transfer repository ownership10
       4.Add an SSH key to an account , Use deployment keys20
       5.Reduce repository size, Delete a repository,   Branch management10
  • Use issue tracker
  • Use Wiki


Demo of Confluence




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