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The employee identification card, known as the ID Card, is issued to all faculty, staff, and students in credit programs and has multiple uses, including borrowing privileges at the University's libraries.

After you register and are in the payroll/personnel database in the division's Business Administration office (this can take up to two weeks after your start date), you should first claim the ID associated with your ID Card. Your ID also enables you to access the University's network. To claim your id and begin using your email account within the edu domain, follow these steps:

•Log on to the University's User Account Management System.
•Click on "Account Services"
•Click on "Create Accounts"
•On the next page, please carefully read the text titled "Account Claims Introduction." This will tell how you to claim your email account and put it to use.
After you have claimed your ID online, please go to ID Card and Library Privileges, EDU Library, to receive your physical card.

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